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There are many people charged and arrested for drug crimes in Michigan each year, and for these people, having a strong drug crimes defense lawyer is crucial to defending the charges against them. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, there are numerous charges that can be brought against you, including distribution, intent to sell, manufacturing and sale of drugs, possession, transportation, and trafficking. An experienced drug crimes defense lawyer can assist you and make sure that you are protected throughout the investigation and criminal trial process.

A Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer can protect your rights

The legislature, law enforcement, and courts are all working to step up persecution of drug crimes. The consequences for a narcotics conviction can be severe, making retaining a knowledgeable drug crimes defense lawyer crucial. Even if you are charged, the stigma that can be attached to an arrest or charge of drug use or other drug-related crime can have a significant negative impact on your life. Oftentimes defendants are charged with a higher charge (such as intent to sell, or manufacturing) when they are guilty of a less serious charge, or no charge at all. An experienced drug crimes defense lawyer can look at all of the evidence and determine what the best defense is for your case, and the best way to work on reducing your charges or getting them dismissed.

A drug crimes defense lawyer can make sure your rights are protected.

Anyone accused of a drug-related crime is guaranteed certain rights, whether they are guilty or not. Your drug crimes defense lawyer can help make sure you are aware of your rights, and work to protect your rights and defend against your charges.    If you’ve been arrested for a charge related to drugs or narcotics, you need a good drug crimes defense lawyer on your side. Getting in touch with a drug crimes defense lawyer as quickly as possible is vital to your case; talking with a drug crimes defense lawyer before you talk to law enforcement could save you form a mistake which may end your defense before it even starts. A drug crimes defense lawyer, who is committed committed to your case, can get charges dismissed, reduce judgments, eliminate jail time, and help you expunge your record. In any case, you are always better off going into a legal entanglement with someone who knows the ropes. Even those who are guilty can benefit from a drug crimes defense lawyer, as a good drug crimes defense lawyer  will do everything in his power to get you the best outcome you can get.

Defending yourself in a drug crime case is a recipe for disaster, especially given the circumstances. A drug crimes defense lawyer can drastically alter the outcome. The circumstances involved in your case, the jurisdiction you live in, any criminal history in your past, and many other factors can all come into play in your criminal investigation, trial, and sentencing. Your drug crimes defense lawyer can assist you in reviewing your case, listing your options, and helping you decide on the best way to proceed with your case.

There are a great many substances covered under narcotics laws, including  marijuana, meth, benzoylmethylecgonine, LSD, cocaine, crack-cocaine, heroin, acid, and even prescription drugs like oxycontin. There are also a great many factors that determine the type of charges you face, such as the type of drug, the amount you have in your possession or near you, where you are found possessing the narcotics, as well as many others. Oftentimes law enforcement authorities will charge someone with manufacturing or intent to distribute or sell with little evidence; having a drug crimes defense lawyer to defend against these excessive charges can mean the difference in probation and jail time.

Remember that a narcotics defense lawyer can handle any drug crime matter such as drug fraud, marijuana offenses, drug distribution, trafficking, drug manufacturing, under the influence, prescription drug charges, and others. Your drug crimes defense lawyer will help you decide which tactics you need to use and can help you make many important decisions. A criminal conviction for a drug charge can have a disastrous impact on your life. If you are looking at a drug crime charge, contact the Grand Rapids Law Group as soon as possible to talk to a drug crimes defense lawyer that can ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best possible defense to the charges against you.

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