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A Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer can tell you that Driving Under the Influence – DUI (sometimes known as Driving while Intoxicated – DWI or Operating while Intoxicated – OWI) is considered a serious crime, especially in the last decade. The laws concerning drunk driving continue to get harsher, as evidenced by the recently passed “Superdrunk” law. In addition, through marketing, law enforcement, and prosecution, society has started cracking down more harshly on drunk driving offense. In addition, there is an increased social stigma to drunk driving convictions. This means that if you are charged with a DUI, DWI, or OWI, it is important for you to speak to a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as you can to help defend you in your drunk driving action.

Many drunk driving defendants are under the impression that they have no choice other than to accept  the charges against them, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Through the course of a drunk driving charge, investigation, and potentially even a trial, it is important to consider all of the relevant evidence and potential issues with the prosecution’s case, which a drunk driving defense lawyer can assist you with.

A Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer can help you in your DUI case

A knowledgeable drunk driving defense lawyer can review the details of your arrest and evaluate the validity of the evidence that law enforcement has gathered. You may have blown above the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC). But was the breathalyzer test administered in a timely manner in order to accurately reflect your blood alcohol content at the time you were actually driving? A drunk driving defense lawyer can check that the breathalyzer machine properly calibrated. Did you perform poorly during the field sobriety testing? Perhaps you did. A drunk driving defense lawyer can inquire into whether the officer made the proper inquiries to make sure there was no other possible explanation for your poor test performance.

A drunk driving defense lawyer can save you money, time, and embarrasment.

The fines and fees for a drunk driving conviction can be in the thousands. Court fees, driver’s responsibility fees, and getting your driver’s license reinstated are just some of the expenses of a drunk driving conviction.  There may also be fees for vehicle impoundment, court mandated counseling, and even house arrest. On top of that, there is the increased cost of drivers insurance, the time commitment of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the potential installation of an ignition interlock system, in addition to the potential of lost work due to jail time and the potential loss of your driver’s license. A drunk driving defense lawyer may seem like an extra expense, but an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer can still save you thousands in the long run.

A drunk driving arrest, charge, and investigation can be complex and harsh. Going into a drunk driving charge without the assistance of a drunk driving defense lawyer can often lead to issues that may mean an inevitable conviction. Prosecutors do not have your best interests in mind, nor will they work for your benefit in terms of checking whether the evidence was properly gathered, or whether it was obtained by an illegal search and seizure. A drunk driving defense lawyer will make sure that all evidence is properly gathered and all procedural aspects of the case were followed.

You may think that you can defend your drunk driving charge on your own. However, the laws and rules are constantly changing, and ensuring the evidence and procedures were proper can be time consuming and difficult without a drunk driving defense lawyer.  Some people think that a court appoint lawyer will adequately defend them. However, a court appointed defense attorney does not have the same time, resources, and commitment that a private drunk driving defense lawyer can provide. A drunk driving defense lawyer will be able to take the time to review your case, find the best possible defense, as well as any issues with the prosecutor’s case, and discuss the best possible path going forward.

A drunk driving defense lawyer has studied measuring intoxication levels and understands the reliability of breathalyzer tests. Readings from breath-analyzing machines can be erroneous, and a drunk driving defense lawyer understands how to attack this evidence. This can result in the dismissal of your drunk driving case. Law enforcement can also be inconsistent in correctly administering a field sobriety test. Your drunk driving defense lawyer can use these issues to negotiate a lowering of your charges, or possibly even have your case dismissed.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI crime, it is imperative that you seek the counsel of a qualified drunk driving attorney. Unfortunately, relatively minor mistakes can jeopardize your case. Therefore, the most important move you can make is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as you are convicted. A good DUI attorney will obtain your driving record, get all the facts, and often, will never let you down.

Many people are afraid of law enforcement, and can often feel guilty when pulled over, even if they have done nothing wrong; without adequate protection later from a drunk driving defense lawyer, mistakes made when pulled over can cause serious problems with your drunk driving defense. You can decline breath, blood and urine tests. But the consequences that go along with the refusal of these tests can be severe, due to Michigan implied consent laws. Under this state law, when you sign for a Michigan driver’s license, you automatically agree to comply with requests by law enforcement officers for breathalyzer tests.

The process that follows a drunk driving arrest can be complex and hard to handle by yourself. Given the long-term and severe repercussions of a drunk driving conviction, and even the social stigma of a drunk driving charge, calling a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as you are charged, or released from the jail, can be the most important step in defending your drunk driving charge. A drunk driving defense lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can help you defend your case, and get your life back on track.

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