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Child Custody Lawyer protecting your rights

While child custody disputes come as part of a divorce, that is not always the case; sometimes custody arrangements happen between unmarried couples, during separations, and on occasion custody orders need to be modified. A child custody lawyer understands the sometimes subtle nuances in the different child custody scenarios. A child custody lawyer also is sought sometimes when a parent has died, or by grandparents seeking visitation rights. A child custody lawyer, as well as the court, will always seek to represent the best interests of the child. However, a child custody proceeding is adversarial by nature, usually with one or both sides accusing the other of indiscretions in an attempt to get full or primary custody. The Grand Rapids Law Group can provide you with a child custody lawyer in Grand Rapids that has the ability to walk the thin line of negotiation, keeping the child’s best interests in mind, and preserving custody rights for their clients.


There may also be times when the court or social services says that a parent is unable to continue seeing their child. The court may also determine that one person is only able to see their child in supervised visitations. If this happens, the court has the ability to alter this decision at a later date. If the court has restricted you visitation or determined that you should not have custody of your child, then it is imperative that you contact a child custody lawyer to help you either meet the court of social services’ decision or appeal that decision in court.

There are two types of custody, and generally three types of custody arrangements. Physical custody discusses who has the child physically with them; legal custody determines who makes decisions for the child, like schooling, healthcare, and other life choices.  Where both parents share either physical or legal custody, it is considered joint custody. Where only one parent has physical or joint custody, it is considered sole custody. Split custody happens when there are several children, and each parent retains primary custody for at least one child. Generally joint custody is ordered, as the court typically finds it in the best interests of the child to be with both parents; a child custody lawyer will often try to negotiate for joint custody to make an arrangement that is agreeable to their client and the opposing party. If a negotiation isn’t possible, the court case can be very difficult due to heightened emotions, lengthy discovery, and the stress that can be put on children.

A child custody lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can help you get a custody order in place

A child custody lawyer or divorce lawyer will tell you that getting a child custody order or parenting time order should be one of the first things a parent should do; without a child custody order, either parent could take the child out of the state. A temporary custody order can be entered to prohibit this and other actions that aren’t in the best interests of the child while a full proceeding continues. Having a child custody lawyer can be vitally important to understanding the procedural, jurisdictional, and legal aspects required to protect your child custody rights. If you suspect the other parent is planning to take your child out of state, contact a child custody lawyer immediately so they can assist you in protecting your child and your child custody rights. There are laws in place, including contempt of court and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act that help parents in cases where one parent takes unilateral action in moving a child; your child custody lawyer can assist you in taking the appropriate actions.

If you are having a child custody or parenting time dispute, hiring a child custody lawyer is a great first step towards making sure your rights and your children’s rights are protected. Contact the Grand Rapids Law Group to talk to a child custody lawyer who will be compassionate towards you and your child’s needs.

Let a child custody lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your child custody matters today

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