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Child Support Lawyer assisting support payers and payees

Divorce filings have become more common over the years, but a divorce is still a complex legal proceeding, especially with children involved, that often requires the advice and representation that only a child support lawyer can provide. Divorce and child support have a number of specific procedures and requirements that vary by state and county, and having a child support lawyer can help reduce the length and difficulty of domestic relations matters. If you are asking or defending against a request for child support, a child support lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can assist you in making the best possible case for a fair and reasonable alimony award, or that you may be entitled to more or less than the other side is asking.

If you are the custodial parent, and you are looking (or currently are) receiving child support from the noncustodial parent, a child support lawyer can help make sure that you are paid on time, and work on enforcing the child support order (quicker than Friend of the Court most times) so that you get the child support you require for raising your child. If the current child support payments are not sufficient, or there is a change in circumstances (such as a job change/loss for you or the other parent), a child support lawyer can assist you in petitioning the court to change the child support amount to reflect the new circumstances.

A child support lawyer can help noncustodial parents too

If you are the noncustodial parent, a child support lawyer can benefit you immensely. A child support lawyer can help in making sure that the amount you are required to pay is fair. Your child support lawyer can also petition the court and work to reduce your child support amount in the event of a reduction in income (such as a new job or job loss). Making a motion to modify your support amount due to changed circumstances can help make your child support easier to manage, and reduce the likelihood of more severe enforcement action (including bench warrants and contempt orders) in the future.

Child support is often a part of divorce proceedings, but it is not limited to divorces. Unmarried parents are also entitled to seek child support for their children. Whether it is part of a divorce proceeding or not, child support is established by way of a court order, often after a hearing before a judge to discuss the matter. While child support proceedings may often be hostile, a good child support lawyer can assist you in finding a less stressful and harmonious solution with the opposing parent and their attorney. You worked together prior to help raise your kid, and it is key that try to continue working together for the best interests of your child. This is much easier to sort out when the parents are together, and a child support lawyer can help reduce the stress and tension between parents in figuring it out after separation. The child support payments are to help your child with their living expenses, such as school, clothes, food, etc. and the parent receiving the child support should remember to use it as such.

The Michigan Child Support Formula is a statutory formula for finding the amount of support. Each case, barring extraordinary circumstances, should use this formula. It takes into account both parents’ income, the amount of time they see the child, how many children there are (both in and out of the relationship), as well as several other factors. The judge may also impute income (the judge sets a level of income for a party that may not have income, or could have higher income than they currently do), and it is important to have a child support lawyer to make sure that this process is handled correctly and fairly.

Many parents find themselves in a stressful situation, worried about the many issues involving children in divorces. A child support or family law lawyer can assist you by discussing the divorce proceedings, and reducing your anxiety and fear about the upcoming divorce. The period after a separation can be tough on people, especially with a minor child to take care of. A child support lawyer can reduce your stress, so that can get back to spending time with you children. If you are facing a child support or related issue, call the Grand Rapids Law Group, and let a child support lawyer help you get some peace of mind.

Let a child support lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your child support issues today

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