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Let our immigration lawyers help with your Advanced Parole application

Particular foreign nationals may be able to apply for Advanced Parole, which allows that alien to re-enter the U.S., even if they don’t have their immigrant or non-immigrant visa if they have been outside of the United States. The application must be approved before the alien leaves the United States. This also preserves the status of a filed Adjustment of Status application, which is vital, as entering on a visa instead, after filing an I-485 Adjustment of Status form, can mean the Adjustment of Status filing is abandoned in the eyes of the USCIS.

A Grand Rapids Immigration lawyer can help make sure you meet the requirements on your Advanced Parole application

There are certain conditions allowing for applying, including having a pending Adjustment of Status application, being granted asylum or refugee status, being under the Family Unity Program, having Temporary Protected Status,  or having a pending asylum petition.

Let an immigration attorney from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your Advanced Parole application today

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