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Let our employment immigration lawyers help with your EB-5 visa for Foreign Investors

The EB-5 visa differs in many ways from the rest of the employment based visas. The EB-5 visa allows for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States to become permanent residents. There are a couple of eligibility requirements which can be met in order to qualify to get your green card under the EB-5 visa. This includes either investing one million dollars, investing five hundred thousand in a Targeted Employment Area (a rural area or an area suffering from high unemployment), or creating or preserving at least at least ten jobs for United States workers (which cannot be the investor or their immediate family).

Investments can be made at a job-creating commercial entity, such as a new or existing business, particularly a Troubled Business, or a at a third party investment entity which then creates the required jobs, known as a Regional Center. There are currently approximately 220 approved Regional Centers.

A Grand Rapids EB-5 Visa lawyer can help make sure you meet the requirements on your visa application

If the investor’s petition is approved, a conditional green card, valid for two years, is given to the petitioner. The investor must then, during that time period (specifically at least 90 days prior to the conditional permanent residency expiring) show that they made the required investment, and that the required 10 jobs have been created or will soon be created. There is also a program to allow foreign investors to become lawful permanent residents that allow the investor to place investments with a pre-approved investment entity (the Regional Group) which promotes increasing exports, economic growth, or job creation, and allows for less stringent counting of the 10 jobs created or maintained for purposes of the visa requirements. Additionally, the USCIS has recently made changes to the program to increase the number of filed and approved applications.

Let an employment visa attorney from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your EB-5 Visa today

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