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Let an Employment Visa Lawyer help you with your employment I-485 Adjustment of Status

Getting your employment visa approved is not the end of the necessary steps for becoming a lawful permanent resident. The approval of the petition does not grant lawful permanent residency status, but allows for it to be approved. Upon a successful employment visa petition, when their priority date is current, the foreign national needs to file for an adjustment of status to be granted lawful permanent residency, although sometimes the request for adjustment of status can be filed at the same time as the employment based visa petition;

In order to be eligible for an adjustment of status, the potential immigrant must be physically in the United States, have last entered the U.S. legally, and be admissible to the United States. The requirement to be admissible in particular could cause issues for aliens seeking an adjustment of status, if they had a previous criminal or immigration issue (such as failing to maintain their status or working without authorization), which could potentially render them inadmissible to the United States.

An Employment Visa Lawyer can assist you with your I-485 Employment Adjustment of Status

If the alien does have issues which could cause issues, having an immigration lawyer to help handle the matter can be crucial to getting their adjustment of status approved. If the alien did not physically enter the United States, or last entered illegally, they can attempt to apply for their lawful permanent resident status through Immigrant Visa Processing (IVP). Otherwise, if the potential immigration is inadmissible based on a prior criminal or immigration violation, the foreign national can request a waiver of the particular grounds for inadmissibility; an experienced immigration lawyer can make sure you have the best chance of having your waiver approved.

Let a Grand Rapids Employment Visa Lawyer help you with your employment adjustment of status

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