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Let our employment immigration lawyers help with your L-1 visa

An L-1 visa is a temporary non-immigrant work visa, with a variable amount of time for staying, between three months and five years, depending on the country (for example, Mexico is a one year Visa, Russia, Brazil, and China are two year visas, and India and Japan are five year visas. The maximum length a foreign national can stay on an L-1 visa, even with extensions, is seven years.

L-1 visas are typically available to employees of international or multinational companies that have offices in the United States and other countries. In order to be eligible for an L-1 visa, certain requirements must be met. This includes that the employee must have been working for the petitioning employer for over a year within the last three years before coming to the United States. The U.S. employer and the foreign employer must be related as either a parent and subsidiary, company branch and headquarters, sister companies under the same ownership, or affiliates owned by the same entity. Additionally, a foreign company can send an employee to the United States to establish an office under a L-1 visa.

A Grand Rapids L-1 Visa lawyer can help make sure you meet the requirements on your visa application

There are two types of L-1 visa, the L1-A (which is for executives and managers), and the L1-B, which is for skilled workers. The duration of the visa for an L1-A visa is 7 years, while the L1-B is 5 years. The procedure for obtaining a L1 visa can either be through an individual application, or by meeting the eligibility requirements under a Blanket L1 application, which is given to the company prior and only requires the filing of a blanket visa petition, and supporting documentation.

Spouses are able to obtain an L-2 visa through their spouses’ L-1 visa, and the L-1 visa could be used to eventually be given legal permanent residency through a green card.

Let an employment visa attorney from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your L-1 Visa today

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