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Let our family immigration lawyers help with your Family Adjustment of Status I-485

By getting to the point of putting in your I-485 Adjustment of Status petition and application, after filing your I-130 Family Immigration Petition, the goal of obtaining your green card and legal permanent residency is in sight. However, the I-485 application is more than just a formality, and approval of Adjustment of Status applications is both discretionary, and subject to a quota on the number approved based on Priority Date and Cut-Off Date. There are several issues which can come up in the application, and which need to be taken into account. These can include the potential for “aging out” and your application therefore being invalid, the financial support requirement, and issues involving your I-485 application status and your non-immigrant status.

A Grand Rapids Family Visa lawyer can help make sure you meet the requirements on your I-485 Family Adjustment of Status application

In order to qualify to file for Adjustment of Status and your green card, there are several requirements you must meet. These include being physically present in the United States, having your I-130 petition approved (although immediate relatives of a U.S. citizen can file their adjustment of status at the same time as their I-130 immigration petition),  having not entered the United States illegally, and your circumstances related to your immigration status cannot have changed.

An experienced family immigration attorney can help guide you through the process to make sure that your I-485 application is handled properly and as fast as possible. Your family immigration lawyer can help you find issues in your application and work to resolve them, help you in filling out your application and gathering the required documentation, communicate with USCIS to ensure your application is processed smoothly, and assist you in requesting Employment Authorization Documents and Advanced Parole, which can be of great help to an alien seeking an Adjustment of Status. Additionally, an alien who has a pending I-485 Adjustment of Status application pending does not need to maintain their non-immigrant status, as the potential immigrant is granted a legal stay.

Let a family immigration attorney from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your Family I-485 Adjustment of Status

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