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Compliance Lawyer helping your company with rules and regulations

Even after starting your business, there are a great many regulatory hurdles that you may have to keep up on in order to run your business. Building codes, environmental assessments, OSHA, workman’s compensation, and unemployment are just a few of the potential landmines that business owners have to steer around. In order to make sure your licenses are up to date, and you are complying with regulatory procedures so you don’t eventually land in hot water, there are dozens of agencies you may need to contact for compliance standards.

Township boards, city building codes, and even county and state standards change regularly; having a compliance lawyer who keeps current and understands the changes in regulations can be crucial to keeping your business in compliance. It can be tedious to keep up on the latest compliance measures your business needs to take, eating into valuable time you could be spending growing your business, and retaining a compliance lawyer to handle those regulatory issues can save you a great deal of time and hassle. If you are found in violation of a regulation, your business or corporation can face stiff fines and other penalties; a compliance lawyer can be a great asset by helping you to avoid these potential pitfalls. Building codes, MIOSHA, EPA regulations (clean air, clean water, emissions standards), building setoff requirements, zoning requirements, health code regulations, or regulations from the many Michigan Departments (such as the Department of Environmental Quality, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Treasury, just to name a few).

A Compliance Lawyer can assist you with any mergers and acquisitions

If you are looking to expand, sell, or acquire, a compliance lawyer will be essential to your transaction. A compliance lawyer can make sure your transaction or acquisition follows antitrust laws like the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act, The Sherman Antitrust Act, as well as Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice regulations. If there is any action, either by the FTC, DOJ, or a private entity, a compliance lawyer can work with the agency or entity involved to try and resolve the dispute. If a resolution can’t be made, a compliance lawyer can take the appropriate steps to defend your transaction or acquisition, by analyzing the complaints, the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index, and other mitigating factors, then making the strongest case for your transaction or acquisition to be approved.

In a business practice, it is vitally important to keep up with regulations involving reporting. Not having a compliance lawyer to assist your corporation can have serious consequences, as many reporting laws carry criminal penalties for failing to comply with them. Keeping up on your accounting, earning reports, and the affairs of corporate officers are musts to avoid compliance violations; a compliance lawyer will make sure that your corporation is following the compliance guidelines so you don’t face penalties later. A compliance lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can assist you in making sure that your corporation handles Sarbanes-Oxley reporting appropriately. And if you are running a nonprofit corporation, there are additional reporting and compliance issues that a compliance lawyer can make sure you are aware of, so its nonprofit status isn’t put in jeopardy.

The Grand Rapids Law Group can also provide a compliance lawyer to make sure that you are following SEC regulations, in addition to a number of federal and state laws that pertain to particular industries. By advising on the creation of Standard Operating Procedures, Codes of Conduct, and Risk Assessment, a compliance lawyer can make sure that everyone in the company is aware of their duties and the risks for not being in compliance with state (like MIOSHA and the Michigan Consumer Protection Act) and federal laws (such as the Federal Corrupt Practices Act and the Federal False Claims Act).

Whether you are just starting your business, are looking to expand, or just seek to make sure your corporation or business is protected against violations of the many state and federal laws that can affect it, a compliance lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can assist you.

 A Compliance Lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can give you the compliance help your business needs

Grand Rapids Compliance Lawyer