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Business Formation Lawyer helping you plan and create your business

Opening your business can be an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful and full of danger. Hiring a business formation lawyer can be an important first step in helping you reduce the risk and stress of starting your business. Failure to use the correct forms and procedures can ruin your company, but a business formation lawyer can advise you on the proper procedures for forming your company.

When you decide to create your own business, it is important to make sure you and the business are protected. Issues such as taxation, what type of company to create, and how to structure it (do you want a partnership, a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship, or other corporate structure are crucial first steps that a business formation lawyer can assist you with. These can be important issues for tax and liability purposes, and a business formation lawyer can help you determine the best business entity for your business.

A business formation lawyer can help you with your business plan and proposal

A business formation lawyer can also give you advice on your business plan, and show you where some of the issues or areas that may lead to legal problems are. This can be especially helpful when you plan on showing your business plan to potential investors, as having your business plan reviewed by a lawyer can mean you have a stronger and more secure proposal that you can make to potential investors.

A business formation lawyer can also help you structure the operating agreement and articles of incorporation, to ensure that your company and its members are protected, and to help your business run smoothly. Deciding who is going to have voting rights, how company managers and officers are handled (when they can be removed, what their powers are, etc…) can be problematic. Do all members get to vote, are their silent partners? What if you want to add partners/members in the future or if someone wants to leave the business? What if the members don’t agree on a course of action? All of these occurrences, and many others, can lead to problems and even the end of your business. By having a business formation lawyer put an operating agreement in place, all of these situations can be handled easily, with everyone understanding the direction and structure for all decisions that the company will likely need to make during its operation.

Getting the different permits, licenses, and other documents needed to get your business going can be a hassle, especially with so many other things on your mind. A business formation lawyer can help you by filling out and filing the paperwork, thereby reducing the time and stress of forming your business. Forms like your articles of incorporation, your Employer Identification Number, building permits, and operating agreements can easily be done by a business formation lawyer.

Making sure you are personally protected in the case of a legal matter is also a key concern, especially for many small business owners. Improper procedures during the creation and operation of your business can potentially open you up to personal liability in the case someone sues the company. A business formation lawyer can advise you of the proper procedures and continuing steps to take to prevent yourself from being personally liable.

Often many people want to try and do the forms themselves, thinking it will be cheaper. However, without the advice of someone who understands and handles these types of procedures, you greatly increase the risk of liability and economic loss later on. You wouldn’t attempt a surgery on your child, so why would you risk your business and financial future. The amount it takes to have a business formation lawyer review your business, prepare, and file the proper forms can save you a great deal of hassle in the future operation of your company. A business formation lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can assist your business in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner, so that you can get the protection you need without putting your company in the red.

Let a business formation lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with starting your company the right way

Grand Rapids Business Formation Lawyer