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Whether you are looking to buy a home, buy land, build a home, sell your house, or remodel your house, it is vital to get a real estate lawyer to review and advise you during the process. Your house and other property are likely going to be the biggest investments you make in your life. Handling the processes involved with your real property without the assistance of a real estate attorney will make the process more complex, and subject you to some of the many pitfalls of real estate transactions. A real estate broker can go a long way towards helping you purchase a home, but only a real estate lawyer can give you legal advice on how to proceed with your purchase, as well as defending your real estate rights in court.


If you are buying or selling land, a real estate lawyer can assist you in finding a broker and negotiating a broker contract. A real estate lawyer can also assist you with reviewing or draft the buy or sell agreements, as well as other documents and reviews you will need to make sure your sale or purchase is successful. There can be a great many regulatory matters involved in real estate matters, which a real estate lawyer can assist you with. Building permits, zoning and land use requirements, appraisals, and making sure the property has a clear title are just some of the issues that a real estate lawyer can help clear up. Even replacing an existing structure, like a porch or fence, can require building permits or a land survey; your real estate lawyer can assist you in getting these items done, and clearing up any problems that may happen along the way.

If you plan on doing any construction on your property, it is imperative that you obtain the assistance of a real estate lawyer for the length of the construction project. The laws involved in construction can be complex, and could have serious consequences for your property if not followed correctly. A real estate lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can advise you on how to handle work from general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and the steps you can take to protect your property and investment.

A real estate lawyer can protect you from problems with your land use

There are many different types of interactions that can affect property. Property taxes, tax liens, construction liens, judgment liens, encumbrances, restrictions, licenses, riparian rights, and easements (including reciprocal negative easements) are just some of the issues that come up in real estate matters. A real estate lawyer can help you navigate these matters while protecting your rights in case of controversy. Even knowing the parties to the real estate transactions can be a pitfall to real estate transactions. If you are married, even if you are buying in your own name, or selling in your own name, it is important to remember that your spouse may have a spousal interest in the land. Escrow accounts, and contract timing, and timing requirements for regulatory filings may also be of concern in a real estate transaction; a real estate lawyer can help you meet all of the requirements for your real estate transaction.

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