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Our Construction Lawyer can help businesses, general contractors, and subcontractors

Hiring a construction lawyer before you being you construction project can be a very wise, time-saving, and cost-effective measure. A construction attorney understands the intricacies of construction, employment, and real estate laws that go along with a construction project. This allows the construction lawyer to provide the proper advice, precautions, and planning either before or during your construction project.


Construction law actually involves several areas of law. There is contract law, to determine what rights and liabilities each party to the construction project has, be it the property owner, the general contractor, subcontractor, or employees. It involves real estate, agency, environmental, and other compliance law to determine the building requirements, licenses, and permits that must be taken in order for the construction to proceed; there are a variety of agencies that your construction lawyer will be in contact with to maintain compliance on the project. A construction project will also likely need worker’s compensation coverage and liability insurance. A construction attorney can also assist a project manager, owner, or subcontractor in handling construction liens; there are strict requirements for construction liens, and not following them can have serious consequences for all parties. Once the project has started, there may be modifications that are needed; a construction lawyer can assist in making any party if covered in the case of a modification needing to be made, as well as the requisite permitting.


A construction lawyer can help you with getting the permits you need

A construction lawyer can also assist in working contracts to address several common issues with construction projects. These include construction delays, and the consequences they may have for contractors, the project manager, and the property owner, helping to hold a party responsible while structuring the project to keep it from getting cancelled. A construction lawyer help with defective work claims as well, understanding the proper evidence and proofs needed, to either defend a claim or obtaining compensation for work that has to be redone, and any additional delays. Laws and regulations are always changing, as are their interpretations. A construction lawyer can keep you up to date with any new legislation that may impact your project, as well as work with agencies to get your project going and keep it in compliance.

In addition to the actual construction project, a construction lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group can help you with other real estate, contract, and regulatory issues that may be involved either during the project or after it is finished. A Grand Rapids Law Group construction attorney can assist you with rent agreements, evictions, securities, enforcing leases, property taxes and fraud defense, land use and zoning, riparian rights, mortgages, making sure your land has a clear title, encumbrances, and premises liability.

Let a Construction Lawyer from the Grand Rapids Law Group help you with your business’ construction matters today

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