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A family attorney from The Grand Rapids Law Group handles a wide variety of family and domestic matters, including divorce, separation, pre-marital agreements( prenuptial agreements), child custody, child support, spousal support, adoption, guardianship (of a minor, developmentally disabled adult, or other people), and visitation. Often there are several matters (such as child custody and divorce) that are involved in a single matter. No matter how complex your divorce or other domestic law issues, a domestic lawyer from The Grand Rapids Law Group can meet the breadth of your unique needs.

Immigration Law


The immigration lawyers of the Grand Rapids Law Group are dedicated to helping those in their community that are often underrepresented and downtrodden by the immigration system. Our immigration lawyers strive to provide cost-effective, compassionate service to their clients while upholding the Grand Rapids Law Group’s dedication to integrity. Our immigration lawyers assist clients throughout Western Michigan.

Criminal Defense


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